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Daines Mixal Mixers


Daines Mixal Mixers

The Mixal Mixers are recognised and used by the flooring, epoxy and repair trades as a practical and efficient range of machines

First developed in 1946, they have been reliably servicing the resin floor and repair trades including the Ministry of Defence for over 30 years and have been the first choice for many contractors

All machines mix promptly and effectively a wide range of materials and have been used effectively in thousands of projects both home and overseas

They are small enough to be operated single handed and therefore present a considerable saving on labour

All models have a remarkably large output for their weight, size and price

The range covers medium duty models, both electrically and petrol engine powered from 32 litres to 60 litres

They are easily transportable and will fit in the average car boot, small estate car or trade van and have wheels for ease of use on site

We can produce special mixers to order

The mixing process & equipment consists of a metal drum inserted into a cylindrical cage, which rotates by a motor and gear drive. Paddles are mounted on the frame of the mixer, with the blade inside the drum. As the drum rotates, the mix is agitated by the paddle blades and forces it into the centre of the drum.

The solid-blade paddle (SB) also pushes the materials inwards and upwards, whilst the perforated blade paddles increase the agitation by forcing the materials through its perforations giving a perfect mix for latex and pourable coatings

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